Using Music to Reach Parisians

Why is music an important form of outreach in Paris? Music touches the soul in ways that other expressions of worship can’t. It's the universal language. Samy takes music seriously in his worship service because it lends credibility and attracts musicians who don’t have other opportunities to play. The owner of the theatre where the church meets pulled out her violin to help with the worship team, even though she hadn’t played in 15 years. She now plays every week. 

The church participated in the local jazz festival last September and put on a special vespers service in March. In April and May they hosted two different classical concerts to observe Holy Week and the Ascension.

“In passing, a guy told me he played guitar,” Samy told us, “and I said to him, ‘Involved!”

Samy told us the story of how one of their partner churches in North Carolina was getting rid of decades of choral and orchestral music. Samy said, “I want it!” so he and his wife, Carole, packed empty bags full of the music and flew back to Paris with it. He stored it all in his office. The church is also shipping over a sound system.

It was a privilege of our time in Paris to sing traditional hymns in French during the worship service. Here the congregation sings “Gloire, Gloire, Gloire” (“Holy, Holy, Holy”). Samy plays the piano quite well. 

You can partner with Samy and Chapelle de Nesle and help them reach their goal of $5,000. 100% of your gift goes to this project.