Grace Harbor Church and Cafe;Haus

Jon Pfeil, elder at Grace Harbor Church, explaining Cafe;Haus. You can watch the video about Grace Harbor Church and help raise $5,000 to support their ministry.

Grace Harbor Church uses Cafe;Haus for many of their events, and it's the first place they held worship services in 2014. Cafe;Haus is the only free standing restaurant in Toyosu. Most other restaurants are located in food courts in the LaLaPort mall or in a skyscraper. 

Like many church plants, Grace Harbor seeks to be integrated into the community they serve. By holding events and meetings in Cafe;Haus, they support a local business that's good for the community. They also are visible and present in the community where their neighbors are, not just behind the doors of a church building. 

It's a win-win.