Toyosu is Family Friendly

One of the main reasons that Seima Aoyagi used the first two years to host community events rather than launching public worship was because Toyosu is the place to live if you’re a family in Tokyo.

Rows and rows of mommy chariots are lined up outside of the LaLaPort mall. These "mamicharis" are a great way to truck the kids all over the Tokyo Waterfront Area, and with parks, an outdoor athletic complex, and even a massive wedding chapel, it’s a great place to raise a family only a couple of stops from Tokyo Station: the very center of Tokyo. 

Toyosu is also home to the coolest children's museum on the planet called KidZania, a city just for kids. Children pick from over 90 different jobs, including firefighters, doctors, chefs, teachers, and judges. The kids get to wear uniforms, train for the position, and they're even paid with "money" to pay for snacks and souvenirs from the Department Store. 

Grace Harbor is new church is creating a community formed around the gospel, and they typically see 100-160 people attending their events. The large majority of those who show up to these events aren’t Christians, and yet they keep coming back: to the sing-alongs, to the small groups, and to the worship service. 

Help Grace Harbor Church continue to create spaces for gospel shaped community in Tokyo.