Thank You Video from Samy Foucachon

Note: To get the full experience of 360º video, view this on your mobile phone and move it around. For desktop viewing (on any browser but Safari), you can click and drag to rotate the video.

Samy Foucachon pastors a new church in center-city Paris, which we featured last year. Since then you've given $10,337 to Chapelle de Nesle, and they're using it to build a better Paris through outreach events. 

Last week, Samy visited us in New York and helped us test out some new technology with this thank you video. It was during our Network Leaders Forum, a rare gathering of pastors and leaders from around the world who are taking the vision for gospel-centered church planting to their own cities.

We used this new technology to give you a feel for what our office is like when we're hosting 80 leaders from 45 global cities. See if you can spot some of our staff and network leaders walking by!