Old Street's Two Groups

London is economically one of the most unequal cities on the planet. Old Street, where Inspire has been planted, represents this dichotomy more than most neighborhoods. The majority of residents live in government-funded housing, living on welfare, while the rest are social and economic climbers who come to London to be successful in the finance or technology industries. Rarely do these classes interact with each other. 

"We have these two groups who have very different ways of seeing the world," said Pete, "and one of the challenges is contextualizing to both of these groups."

What do these groups have in common? A love for sport! The church is addressing inequality is through community sport programs. Pete works part-time for Christians in Sport, so he has a particular passion for sharing this opportunity with under-privileged children. He has  recruited men from the church to be involved in the church's endeavor. "We have guys in the city who work in banking, and they come run football programs. They get to know the kids and the kids get to know them, and I think it breaks down this sense that they're an entirely different people, that they could never be that person." 

The gospel is the agent of reconciliation. By helping Inspire London with a gift, you are helping bring reconcilation.