Who attends Inspire London?

Inspire meets at the Thistle Hotel Barbican in the Old Street area of London. Although church doesn't start until 4pm, people gather well ahead of time to enjoy cookies (or biscuits, as the Brits call them), fruit, coffee, and other delights. There are 10-15 visitors per week. Many of them find the church simply by googling "church." One fellow named Markus says he comes just for the preaching. The visitors will say things like, "I like the way you present the material," but might also say, "That's true for them [the Christians], but not true for me." Keeping Christians and non-Christians engaged in the service is a high priority for Mark and Pete and the rest of the leadership team. 

The church has grown to over 100 regular attendees since launching in autumn 2013. It's a mix of ages, races, ethnic groups, and socio-economic backgrounds, though they are making great efforts to create much more diversity, including partnering with the London City Mission to reach the 63% in the neighborhood who live in social housing. 

You can help Inspire continue to grow and bless the neighborhood by giving directly to them