Shinagawa is at the heart of Tokyo

Drew Cho is starting a new church in Shinagawa, Tokyo and you can help! Let's give $10,000 to New Community Church. 

Shinagawa has always been a big transportation hub for Tokyo, but it’s about to go to the next level. It is only 12 minutes away from Tokyo International Airport, and the direct train lines extend to just about all the major cities surrounding Tokyo. Japan Railway is planning to build another train station before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Shinagawa to accommodate the increasing number of people (nearly 900,000 a day) accessing the area. 

The home for the future bullet train "Linear" is here, which is looking to open up a service in 2027 that will connect Tokyo and Osaka (capital of Western Japan) in just over 60 minutes at speeds of 310 mph. Train companies are even contemplating about renaming Shinagawa station to ‘Shin-Tokyo’ (New Tokyo). With the redevelopment taking place, Shinagawa is becoming a new hotspot for many working professionals who are also looking to raise their children in the city. That means more opportunities are on their way for a new church plant in this area. 

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