Femi Osunnuyi is starting a church in Lagos

Redeemer City to City Sunday is training 16 leaders from around the world through the International Church Planting Intensive. Femi Osunnuyi is one of these leaders and he's starting a church in Lagos, Nigeria. Help fund the Intensive.

My name is Femi. I also happen to be Nigerian. No, I have not sent you any recent email, nor do I have a stash of millions of dollars in cash somewhere only needing a few hundred bucks to unlock it. Yes, I speak and laugh considerably loudly and I tend to pronounce vowel sounds with my mouth wide open! 

I am madly in love with and happily married to Tosin. She’s awesome—most times. We have a little son called Tofunmi. He also happens to be the most outgoing person I know and he is still only 3!!! We love him to bits. Above all though, I am a sinner saved and transformed by the scandalous and stupendous grace of our Triune God. 

As far as I can clearly discern, I consciously and consistently began walking with the Lord in early 2005. This was following a young adult camp organised by my former church in Lagos, Nigeria. The year following that period was nothing short of constant spiritual renewal and bliss. Until March 2015, for seven and half years, I lived in Manchester, UK where I studied (a lot!), made a whole bunch of friends (whom I sorely miss), and was part of a wonderful church called Holy Trinity Platt. It was also in Manchester that I had a radical change in my theology and was captured by a vision to see a gospel revival in Lagos, Nigeria through gospel-centred urban church planting. 

We’ve now relocated to Lagos and are looking to launch our church plant by August 2016. The future fills us with both trepidation and excitement. We are terrified because of the scale of the work here in comparison with our very obvious frailties and finitude. However, we’re tremendously excited because we serve a very, very big God who sometimes moves in very, very big ways to achieve his very, very big plans. Thus our prayer for Lagos is: “Do it again, Lord! Do it again."