New Networks. New Churches. Happy New Year!

New Networks

  • CTC Africa
  • CTC India
  • CTC Korea 
  • CTC Taiwan 
  • CTC United Kingdom 
  • Beta Network, Buenos Aires
  • Greater Budapest City Network, Budapest
  • Grace Church Planting Network, Japan
  • Lima Initiative, Lima
  • Mexico City Network, Mexico City
  • Gospel 360, Vina del Mar

New Churches


  • Jubilee Community Church, Cape Town
  • Gospel Community Church, Kigali 

Asia Pacific

  • Name Withheld, Bangalore
  • Covenant City Church, Jakarta
  • Mustard Seed, Kobe
  • Name Withheld, Kuala Lumpur
  • plant@17, Kuala Lumpur
  • Name Withheld, New Delhi
  • Uiwang Seoksu Presbyterian Church, Seoul
  • Joshua Tree, Sydney

East Asia

  • 13 Churches (Assisted by The China Partnership, a partner of City to City Asia Pacific)


  • CityKerk, Amstelveen
  • Esk Valley Church, Edinburgh
  • Rahlstedtprojekt, Hamburg
  • Lutheran Church Helsinki, Helsinki
  • Evangelical Church, Perugia

Latin America

  • City Church, Lima
  • Pasion por Cristo, Linares
  • Fuente de Redención, Mexico City

New York City

  • Resurrection Church, Brooklyn
  • Grace Tabernacle Church, Bronx
  • Crossroads Community Church, Jersey City
  • Hope Church, Long Island
  • Trinity Heights Church, Manhattan
  • C3 Church, Manhattan
  • Ethnos Community Church, New Brunswick
  • CityReach Church, Queens
  • Hope Church, Queens
  • The Community of Grace, Queens

North America

  • The Table, Boulder

CTC provided training, coaching, and in some cases funding to help start the churches and networks on this list.