City to City’s Training Goes Digital

City to City (CTC) has long faced a conundrum: How do you take our model of deep mentoring and transformative in-person trainings for church planters, and multiply them around the world? How could we replicate the experience and wisdom of CTC facilitators in a classroom of young pioneering pastors in Bogotá or Hamburg that would create the same rich gospel-centered theology for a global city, yet allow for and encourage adaptation and contextualization?

As part of the answer to this question, we’ve recently launched our very first online school. We are using a software called Pathwright which allows teachers to customize every aspect of the learning process for their students. Last November we published three courses based on the book Center Church to help pastors and church planters apply the core concepts of Gospel, City and Movement. This summer we will launch more advanced courses on Gospel Renewal, Ministry Design, and Missional Ministry.

This online school is intended to help any urban ministry practitioner, from the pastor or church planter to the parachurch worker to the Christian entrepreneur seeking to reach their city with the gospel. Courses are offered at a lower price if they are taken in groups, which is a part of our learning philosophy - that we can have more impactful and transformative learning experiences through the intersection of content and community.

Not only are we offering these courses as a plug and play resource for any pastor or church planter to use, we are putting more and more of our in-house flagship church planter training programs online as well. Pathwright is allowing us to organize our content, make it more accessible, and make sure our content is edited and all permissions received before sharing it with new staff and network leaders who can lead this training in a new city. With this school we hope to expand our reach, generate revenue, and still offer a deep and wide body of content to the world.