One year strong at Reformed Theological Seminary in NYC

I knew I was going to have a great experience when I applied to the first-ever Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) program based in New York City. From the vision of the partnership between RTS and Redeemer City to City (CTC), to the involvement of Tim Keller and others, the program was poised from the very beginning to be special. What I didn’t know was just how special it would be.

The students in this inaugural program bonded quickly. Beyond the great education we received over this past year, one of the most important experiences has been the building of deep friendships with fellow Christians who feel called to serve God in New York City. I didn't expect this kind of community, and it has been a tremendous joy to grow in knowledge and faith with my classmates. What CTC and RTS have created in New York City is unique, and I pray that the gospel movement here will be accelerated because of it. I look forward to seeing how God equips and brings together future classes as RTS and CTC continue to expand this graduate program.