Global Leadership Team 2017: Setting a Vision for Global Church Planting

A report written by Brandon O'Brien, CTC Director of Content

In 2003, a group of pastors from Amsterdam wrote to Redeemer City to City (then called Redeemer Church Planting Center) with a request. They were just beginning to dream about planting churches in the cities of the Netherlands and they needed training, coaching, and help clarifying their vision. They needed support from a group with tested experience planting churches in secular cities. CTC’s own Al Barth responded with a visit. His visit marked the beginning of CTC’s international church planting vision.

Last week, in September 2017, CTC held its Global Leadership Team gathering in Amsterdam, where our global emphasis began. The GLT was formed in late 2015, because CTC networks were multiplying and maturing around the world. Today the GLT represents more than 50 networks on six continents. It is a testimony to God’s grace that in just over a decade, the gospel movement City to City serves and prays for has become truly global in scope.

I’m not a member of the GLT. I attended because I’m relatively new to the team, and the summit presented a great opportunity to meet our global leadership and receive their input into our developing content strategy. I went uncertain what to expect.

I was struck during the meetings by the group’s sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and their commitment to inquire of the Lord about the vast and audacious vision in front of them. I was struck, too, by the evidence on display in those meetings that the gospel of Christ truly crosses all human borders—whether ethnic, geographical, generational, or denominational.

After several days of meetings the members prayerfully committed themselves to deeper collaboration, greater accountability, and a bold shared vision. Each representative shared his faith goal for growth in his field. Together the GLT is praying that God will establish more than 100 new networks and raise up leaders for more than 2,000 new churches worldwide in the next 5 years.

Between a letter from Amsterdam in 2003 and a GLT summit in Amsterdam in 2017, God has moved mightily in the world’s most influential cities. Let’s join CTC’s Global Leadership Team in praying for an unprecedented harvest in the years to come.

“Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession.” (Psalm 2:8, ESV)