Prayers for Latin America

Latin America is 80% urban. Cities are becoming more secular socially, culturally and spiritually, even though the number of Christians has grown. But some are hearing a new message of the gospel—one that teaches that God is near and at work in the midst of their trial. Some are seeing a new vision—one that inspires them to love their city. People are hearing the gospel unpacked in a new way that is engaging their skepticism and pluralism. The time is right in Latin America to build new churches and church planting networks.

Please join us in praying for Latin America in the following ways:

Pray for Andres Garza, CTC Latin America Director, and his small team as they expand and leverage church planting in new Latin American cities.

In February 2017, Tim Keller and other ministry leaders spoke at a two-day church planting conference in Mexico City attended by 1,000 leaders from across Latin America. Pray for the CTC team as they follow up with these contacts.

On October 30-November 3, 2017 in Buenos Aires, City to City Latin America (CTCLA) will train trainers who will facilitate the church planting Incubator training in many large Latin American cities. Pray that these trainings would develop and produce leaders who understand the gospel and that these efforts would lead several new fruitful churches. 

Pray for the growth of CTCLA networks in Monterrey, Mexico City, Lima and Viña Del Mar. 

Pray for wisdom for CTC's work in Brazil where there is much opportunity for gospel movement.

Pray for resources to start new churches in Santiago, São Paulo, Monterrey and Lima.