Africa and Middle East: Gospel Growth in the World’s Fastest-Growing Cities


Africa represents one of the greatest opportunities for gospel renewal because a number of cities on the continent have a growth rate that is several times that of cities elsewhere in the world. There is potential to dramatically influence the course of Christianity on the continent if new churches are planted and people are renewed by the gospel. There is great openness to teaching and an abundance of young leaders who are courageous and industrious.

In the Middle East, City to City helped plant Redeemer Church of Dubai in 2010, and the church is quickly becoming a resource for the entire region. With their help, and that of CTC, five other churches are being planted in the UAE and a Lebanese planter is starting a new church in Beirut. CTC is focused on helping them develop a robust ministry training center that could produce hundreds of church leaders, many of whom will work in sensitive areas in the region. CTC is also helping plant churches in Tel Aviv and Istanbul.

2016 Highlights

  • For the last few years, church planters in African cities influenced by CTC have wanted to connect over a shared vision to see their cities impacted by the gospel and to multiply churches. In 2016, 14 of these planters took a step in that direction when they met in Pretoria, South Africa. These planters represented a variety of leading African cities including Antananarivo, Bukavu, Cape Town, Durban, Kigali, Lagos, Nairobi and Pretoria.
  • The church planters concluded there would be great value in creating an interdenominational network. They formed City to City Africa, highlighting the idea of a peer-to-peer network focused on urban gospel ministry. The network will encourage and connect existing planters and identify, recruit, train and mentor new planters. The network also hopes to establish three to five regional church planting training centers. 
  • CTC has helped plant churches in all the leading cities of South Africa and several of the townships. There are networks functioning in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria, and churches are being planted in Accra, Lagos, Nairobi, Antananarivo, Bukavu and Kigali.