Latin America: A Great Gospel for A Great City

From the 2016 Annual Report.

Latin America is culturally Catholic. Over the years, Protestantism has grown, but it has brought with it a prosperity gospel—focused more on God’s blessings rather than on the person and work of Jesus Christ. Most Latin Americans have a general belief in the Bible, but they don’t see it as something that is relevant to them.
Latin America is 80% urban. Cities are becoming more secular socially, culturally and spiritually, even though the number of Christians has grown. But some are hearing a new message of the gospel—one that teaches that God is near and at work in the midst of their trial. Some are seeing a new vision—one that inspires them to love their city. People are hearing the gospel unpacked in a new way that is engaging their skepticism and pluralism. The time is right in Latin America to build new churches and church planting networks.

2016 Highlights

  • Many leaders in Latin America have looked to Redeemer City to City (CTC) to help develop networks across the region. God is bringing together leaders from different denominations to collaborate in this mission. As a result, gospel movements are developing in Lima, Mexico City, Monterrey and Santiago. Leaders from these major cities, as well as Bogota and Buenos Aires, are working together. (Read a story of gospel renewal from a church in Mexico City on page 8 of this report.)
  • CTC Latin America and CTC held an event to initiate a church planting network in Lima. Forty pastors attended and discussed how they could start a gospel movement in their city. As a result, eight churches are now working together to plant churches in Lima. 
  • In May, 68 leaders from three leading cities gathered with the goal of igniting a gospel movement in Bogata. From that meeting, 12 church planters were assessed, evaluated and plan to start at least 10 new churches.