2016 Annual Report: Letter from Steve Shackelford

From the 2016 Annual Report.

Dear Friends, 


As I write this letter, my wife and I are just days away from boarding the plane that will move us to New York City. Looking back, we see how clearly God has prepared us for this, and we are excited to begin this new chapter in our lives.

I was President and Chief Financial Officer for a large business development company when a friend asked me to consider the CEO position at Redeemer City to City. I was familiar with Tim Keller and with CTC, but I began to take a closer look at the organization.

Coming from the business world, I’m accustomed to analyzing a company’s performance. Not unlike what I did as I researched CTC, this annual report examines what CTC accomplished in 2016. But there’s a significant difference here. The number of churches planted represents a direct link to the number of souls hearing the gospel for the first time. The number of leaders trained represents messengers spreading the gospel of grace in cities that desperately need it. This is gospel renewal in people’s hearts. This is gospel renewal in cities around the world.

I am humbled and yet confident that God has called me to lead this organization and fantastic team for this strategic time of opportunity and growth. Thank you for partnering with us. I look forward to serving alongside you in this great mission.
Steve Shackelford
Chief Executive Officer, Redeemer City to City