What Renewal Looks Like

From the 2016 Annual Report.
Leonel Pacheco is pastor of Fuente de Redención in Mexico City. 

We met Caro in the first small group held at Fuente de Redención Church in Mexico City. Caro came with a friend, and she came hurting. Her husband’s unfaithfulness had led to their divorce, and many struggles continued between them as he had taken property that was hers. Caro never expected to experience this kind of family heartache. She was angry with God.

As she listened to the gospel in the small group, she began to understand that she had a greater problem than her failed marriage. That greater problem was her sin. The grace of God began to work in her heart, and she began to reflect on her need for God. Before going to sleep at night, Caro would say to God, “I cannot continue to lead my life. I need you to forgive me.” In the winter of 2015, she gave her life to Christ.

As Caro continued to be transformed by the grace of Jesus, she came to see that God not only loved her, but he also loved her ex-husband. She began to stop blaming him for all of their problems. It was extraordinary to see how her hatred toward him became a concern for Caro. She began to understand that he needed God, and his selfishness was an evidence of not having God in his life. She asked us to pray for him—that he would see his need for God and that the grace of God would transform his heart.
Caro has 2 children—18-year-old Jesus and 20-year-old Amy. Caro began praying for them. She was very sad that her children would not agree to meet with us initially, so we began to pray with her that God would work in the hearts of her children and that they would see their need for God.
Months later Caro’s children came with her to our first public worship service. It was wonderful to see how God was at work in each of their lives, as the message of the gospel led them to understand the central truth of Christianity. Our faith is not based on a set of rules to please God, but thanks to Christ and his death on the cross, God accepts us, despite our sin. Both of her children recognized their need for a Savior and turned to Christ in faith in 2016.

Now Caro and her children are serving in the church. They are taking the New Life course and will become members and be baptized in April. In addition Caro is directing our recently started Ministerio de Misericordia (mercy ministry).
We continue to pray that the grace of God will lead Caro’s ex-husband to repentance. I give thanks to God, for the life of this family, for his mercy and for his grace in our church.
I ask you to continue to support us in prayer because many people in Iztapalapa, Mexico City are coming to know the gospel of Jesus Christ.