A Diverse Church in Pretoria, South Africa

In 2014, One and Confidence Mokgatle launched Rooted Fellowship in Pretoria, South Africa with a vision to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ in a diverse, transcultural community for the renewal of Pretoria and beyond. 

With this goal in mind, the leadership team has learned two key insights. First, striving for multi-cultural community takes much intentionality. For them to really build a diverse community, they have needed to keep that goal in focus every step of the way. Whether it is the selection of worship songs, the composition of the leadership team or even the choice of community-building activities, there must be intentionality toward multiculturalism.

Second, their vision for gospel renewal in their city has been transformed and made more robust through engaging with people from a variety of backgrounds from across their city. Members of the team reflected that through engagement with different types of people, they have experienced God in new and exciting ways.

Please pray for discernment and wisdom for the Rooted Fellowship leadership team as they continue their mission in Pretoria. Pray for unity in the gospel to unite the members of their church as one body.