Welcome Aboard, Tim Keller

On February 26, Tim Keller announced he will transition to a full-time position with Redeemer City to City (CTC). He has been steadily laying the groundwork for this transition for years, and CTC is ready.

This move to CTC will allow Tim to be more engaged in The New York Project and the work of fueling the growing movement of churches and leaders around the world. This role is crucial going forward because, while the financial cost of doing ministry in a city like New York is high, the greatest shortage and need is leaders.

One of Tim’s primary roles at CTC will be teaching courses at the collaborative ministry training program of CTC and Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS). This program is designed for ministry leaders in global cities and offers two important components:

  • A two-year Master of Arts of Biblical Studies program through RTS
  • A year of practical ministry training through CTC called the City Ministry Year

Tim will teach all or part of the following courses in the 2017-2018 academic year:

  • In the M.A. Program: Introduction to Pastoral and Theological Studies, and Christian Life and Ministry in a Secular Culture
  • In the City Ministry Year: Expository Preaching, Preaching Christ, Preaching in a Secular Culture, Preaching and Application, Reformed Spirituality, Church and Ministry, Center Church, and Evangelism and Apologetics

While there will always be ministry opportunities for Tim, his highest priority will be teaching and mentoring these ministry leaders.

Tim has learned much in his years of ministry, and he is passionate about sharing this knowledge with others. He explains, 

"Kathy and I feel that God has given us the most astonishing education and preparation for ministry possible. I am not referring only to our formal schooling and professors and teachers, but also to our colleagues, relationships, models and experiences. We emerged from all that so well-equipped to minister in our time and place. But over the years I have mainly used this training directly—to preach, pastor, evangelize and lead. I have done relatively little in the way of passing along what I’ve learned to a new generation of ministers. That is about to change, and CTC is the ideal place for me to do that." 

Gospel movement is happening in cities around the world. Lives are being transformed. God is using CTC, and the timing for this transition couldn’t be better.