Building a Church Planting Network in India

CTC is developing a national church planting network in the global cities of India.

Please pray that CTC India will be officially recognized and approved by the government of India in 2017.

Pray for synergy, unity and cohesion for the newly formed leadership team for CTC India, and that CTC India would successfully start 10 new churches in the next year.

Delhi: CTC is working with three church planters who are already in the worship phase. CTC India plans to start a bi-monthly training for them and other partners in the city this fall. Also, one the planters is trying to start a city-wide network. Pray for these three new church plants and this potential city-wide network. The city is very fractured and this could be huge in building a gospel movement in Delhi.

Mumbai: CTC is facilitating a new church planting network in the city of Mumbai. Pray for the birth and emergence of this network, which will consist of all the key evangelical leaders in the city, potential church planters and also partner churches.  

Chennai: CTC is solidifying a new learning community for all the key English-speaking churches and church plants in Chennai. Pray that this safe learning community will grow into a thriving church planting network.