RTS NYC Welcomes New Students and Celebrates First Class of Graduates

On Thursday, September 7, Redeemer CTC welcomed a new cohort of students into the Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) and CTC ministry program. This strategic partnership between RTS and CTC provides a seminary education in New York City with the goal of preparing future pastors and ministry leaders in the city, for the city.

Not only did we welcome a class of new students, but we also celebrated the first RTS NYC Graduation on Friday, September 8.


The commencement address was delivered by the Rev. Dr. Ligon Duncan III. His words to the new graduates: "We are not called to worship ministry but to worship God. How do we prevent worshipping our ministry? View our ministry as worship to the Triune God. He is our first and most and best. Whatever the Lord calls you to do, view it as worship."


Dr. Tim Keller also delivered the Charge to Graduates and called them to four things:

1. Incarnational ministry
2. Servanthood for the sake of others, not for themselves (to feel noble, etc)
3. Modeling a life that is attractive and explaining the reasons for their belief
4. A reliance on the Holy Spirit - Nothing is going to happen without the Holy Spirit, but anything can happen with the Holy Spirit.

Congratulations to the new graduates, and we're praying that both new and current students have a fruitful year.