Latin America

From the 2017 Annual Report.

A Demand for Something New

For many years, there have been two factors at play in Latin America. The first is the exponential growth of the prosperity gospel. The second is the tendency for people to see the gospel as something confined to the church, as opposed to an instrument of renewal and transformation for the city. People are thirsty for something different, and this became greatly evident when CTC Latin America (CTCLATAM) hosted its first conference, A Great Gospel for a Great City, in February 2017. More than 1,000 leaders from 12 countries and various denominations attended, and it ignited great momentum across the region, from Mexico to Brazil.

Leaders in Latin America are eager to work together to see how their cities can be renewed by the gospel. As CTCLATAM is confronted with the great demand for church-planting resources, the affiliate is working hard to develop leaders and increase its number of trainings planned for 2018.

2017 Highlights

  • CTCLATAM held its first training conference in Mexico City

  • 34 couples were assessed for church planting in Monterrey, Santiago and Lima

  • Incubators in Monterrey and Lima trained 28 church planters from 6 cities

  • Train the Trainer and Train the Coach in Buenos Aires equipped 12 trainers and 15 coaches

  • 160 leaders attended Gospel in the City events in Panama City, Santiago, Monterrey, La Paz, Bogota and Quito

Prayer Points

  • For the fruitfulness of the first CTCLATAM Intensive in November 2018, which will train 25 leaders

  • For more trainers, network leaders and coaches who can support church planters across the region

  • For the ability to identify 100 church planters in the next 5 years

  • For balance between moving forward and building a strong foundation and for the ability to broaden the scope of work as quickly as God allows

Francisco Calderón | Training Coordinator, CTC Latin America | Santiago, Chile   

Francisco Calderón | Training Coordinator, CTC Latin America | Santiago, Chile


“After several years of work we have seen that God has used CTC, along with other organizations and initiatives, in advancing a vision of new churches that vibrate with the gospel. We are working to facilitate a gospel ecosystem in Santiago.”