North America

From the 2017 Annual Report.

A New Affiliate to Create New Opportunities

While CTC has worked in New York City for many years and has partnered with leading church-planting networks like C2C in Canada, much of CTC’s work has focused on regions outside of North America. After years without an official CTC network on the continent, CTC North America (CTCNA) was created to bring together and support church-planting networks in 50 leading cities across the U.S. and Canada. In some cities, CTCNA will help form trans-denominational networks where no such network exists. In other cities, the affiliate will help existing networks become better at starting new churches and collaborating with churches in their cities. CTCNA will also help mobilize churches to fund and partner with church planters in global cities.

In early 2017 leaders from four cities met with CTC staff to determine the affiliate’s structure. To effectively serve the vast and complex region, the leaders saw a need to form a leadership team representing diverse denominational, socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. CTCNA has already facilitated trainings with network leaders in four cities, and the affiliate will officially launch in October 2018 with its first conference, The Gospel & Our Cities: Chicago 2018.

2017 Highlights

  • Incubator training was launched in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and the San Francisco Bay Area

  • An array of nationally- and internationally-recognized leaders committed to speak alongside Tim Keller at the upcoming CTCNA conference. The conference will be held October 18-20, 2018

  • Partnerships were formed and deepened with leading church planting networks

  • Leaders from 13 U.S. churches were trained through the CTC Partnership program and are partnered financially with church plants outside the U.S.

Prayer Points

  • For leaders and training opportunities that support church planters and for the financial resources to make the CTCNA vision a reality

  • For the further development of the North America leadership team, which will be solidified by fall 2018

  • For the Chicago conference to bring together a broad spectrum of leaders and build momentum for a movement of the gospel in North American cities

Dennae Pierre | Executive Director, Surge Network | Phoenix, AZ

Dennae Pierre | Executive Director, Surge Network | Phoenix, AZ

"As we looked around for what would be the best toolbox to help our pastors plant healthy churches here in Phoenix, CTC’s training was by far the best fit. CTC's reputation has opened doors for us to invite other networks and denominations in our city to benefit from the training, and it provides an opportunity for partnership in the gospel among many churches, networks and denominations."