Pray for Church Planters Around the World

CTC recently published its 2017 Annual Report, and you can read about how God moved through CTC around the world last year. You can also join us in praying for ministry leaders in global cities in the following ways:


Africa & Middle East

  • For the infrastructure to plant more churches and for 3 additional regional catalysts who can work in West, East and Francophone Africa

  • In the Middle East, for church planters’ protection from political turmoil, violence and persecution

  • For the effectiveness and growth of CTC Africa’s four new training centers


Asia Pacific

  • For the development of local networks in cities across Asia Pacific, including operational funds and dedicated leaders

  • For wisdom on how best to develop the region, which is made up of many different cultures and languages

  • For the protection of ministry leaders who face spiritual attacks or persecution due to government regulation



  • For leaders who can plant more churches, lead networks and deliver the training and coaching needed to develop a gospel movement in Europe

  • For a culture of generosity among churches and business leaders so that European church plants can attain self-sustainability and the movement will be funded

  • For churches to be effective in reaching poor, working-class and immigrant communities


Latin America

  • For the fruitfulness of the first CTCLATAM Intensive in November 2018, which will train 25 leaders

  • For more trainers, network leaders and coaches who can support church planters across the region

  • For the ability to identify 100 church planters in the next 5 years

  • For balance between moving forward and building a strong foundation and for the ability to broaden the scope of work as quickly as God allows


North America

  • For leaders and training opportunities that support church planters and for the financial resources to make the CTCNA vision a reality

  • For the further development of the North America leadership team, which will be solidified by fall 2018

  • For the Chicago conference to bring together a broad spectrum of leaders and build momentum for a movement of the gospel in North American cities


New York City

  • For new training programs to better equip pastors and leaders on evangelism and apologetics

  • For new and existing churches to remain rooted in the gospel, welcome non-Christians and sacrificially serve their neighborhoods in mercy and justice

  • For leaders who will start churches contextualized to New Yorkers