Renewal Story: Erika Liu - New York City

Erika Liu.jpg

I didn’t grow up in a religious family. As a kid, I occasionally went to church to learn about the Bible as a text, Jesus as a historical figure and Christianity as a cultural phenomenon. There were times when I heard a calling from God, but I got really good at applying a skeptical mindset to that feeling.

One Sunday a couple of years ago, I found myself at Trinity Grace Church. As I returned again and again, I felt God’s presence, but I would not embrace it. Then through a small group for skeptics, I saw how I was standing on a cliff, not knowing what was ahead, and yet needing to trust the outcome and jump. And in a local taco shop of all places, I made that leap. My pastor helped me see my doubts and skepticism were nothing but self-made barriers to the infinite possibility that I have with God. I had never felt peace so profound and all consuming as that day. I felt truly saved and truly completed. That leap didn’t erase my over-active mind. My skepticism is still stirring, but I am loved in my doubts. I know my faith journey is ever evolving and that he is my Savior.

Erika Liu
Trinity Grace Church
New York City, U.S.