Renewal Story: Sanele Mbhele - Pretoria

Sanele Mbhele.jpg

“From a young age, I had people in my life who went to church. I even went to Catechism where I studied Jesus' life and who God is, but it never appealed to me because no one explained how it applied to my everyday life. So I gave up on it.

But here’s the thing: God didn't give up on me. Despite losing both of my parents when I was five, I somehow went to school, had enough to eat, played and excelled at sports, achieved academically, went overseas, never struggled for employment and made great friends. My life was good.

Then a year ago, I lost my best friend to sickle cell anemia, and it became one of the worst periods of my life. After having suicidal thoughts and realizing the alcohol and partying didn't work, I decided to go to church but sit in the back, because I was confident church would be just another experience that would fail to explain why my best friend died. One sermon became two, two sermons became three and three sermons became me sitting in front and feeling at home. And when I say home, I don't just mean at Rooted Fellowship as a church. I mean home in the presence of the Lord. A year later, I'm still here, and I have God to thank for that. He set out a plan for me, and the day I admitted to myself that He is working within me was the day my life had meaning and direction.”

Sanele Mbhele
Rooted Fellowship
Pretoria, South Africa