New Work in North America

One church working in the city for the common good is a beautiful thing. Several churches working together is even better. A network is formed when leaders from a particular area develop relationships with each other and formally decide to work together to serve that area, plant churches and see the gospel flourish. An affiliate is a network of networks.

CTC has affiliates in Latin America, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa. North America is now on that list!

Last year, a group of CTC staff and four church-planting network leaders officially formed an executive team to launch City to City North America (CTCNA). CTCNA will come alongside leaders in their efforts to build momentum for gospel movements in U.S. and Canadian cities.

Members of the executive team are recruiting leaders from and developing collaborative relationships with a variety of networks so that the affiliate will be a reflection of the cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity that is intrinsic to North America.

CTCNA will first focus on these 15 cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, New York City, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Two training programs are already in place:

  • The Incubator launched in Miami, and the team has recruited training directors in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. The Incubator is CTC’s key two-year program to serve, train and develop church planters.

  • There have been four Train the Trainer (TTT) events in North America over the last 18 months. TTT equips church-planting trainers to deliver the Incubator curriculum. By employing a training curriculum that increasingly reflects the practitioners’ own cultures, leaders will train church planters, both locally and more effectively.

Walter Wood, CTC’s Director for North America and Church-Planting Catalyst for Southern Europe says:

CTCNA hopes to start new networks and strengthen existing ones through training, content and coaching. Long-range goals include helping to start thousands of new churches in North American cities and mobilizing these churches to fund and partner with a host of global church plants.

To that end, “The Gospel in Our Cities: Chicago 2018” will be held at the historic Moody Church on October 18-20, 2018. This conference is for church planters, network leaders, pastors, ministry leaders and the general public. The purpose is to build momentum for gospel movements, inspire leadership, discuss critical urban issues such as racial reconciliation, poverty, education, crime and immigration, and equip pastors and church planters with resources to effectively plant and grow their churches, influencing their cities with the gospel.

CTC is grateful for the development of CTCNA and is praying that God will ignite great gospel movement throughout the cities in North America. Will you join us in this prayer?