Embodying Reconciliation in Pretoria

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Perhaps the strangest part of my story is how I came to know Redeemer City to City in the first place.

Seven years ago I met a guy named Tobie Meyer, a white Afrikaans-speaking church planter who was about to go through Redeemer City to City's International Intensive. Tobie, the son of a white politician who was instrumental in bringing apartheid to an end, was one of the first South African pastors to be connected to City to City.

Tobie was not only an oddity because he was planting a new kind of church in Pretoria. He was an oddity because he was looking to form a church planting network with black African leaders in it. 

White Afrikaners and Black South Africans have always had very separate churches and cultures, which under apartheid literally existed in separate worlds. Before I knew it I was interning in their predominantly white Afrikaans-speaking church in Pretoria doing a church planting residency. This was a new experience for both of us. Apartheid is over in our country, but it’s still recent and fresh in our collective memory.

Through Tobie, I learned about and was able to participate in City to City’s International Intensive in 2013. Not only was I impacted by the great gospel content created by Tim Keller and City to City, but I began to look around America and find a growing number of multicultural churches, some with minority pastors. Long story short, I now have examples, mentors, even sponsoring churches with the same goal I have: to plant a church that would embody God’s reconciling work in ways that can heal a community with a broken history.

With the history that Pretoria carries as the seat of the apartheid government, we want to see a Gospel work take root and bear so much fruit that no other city in South Africa would have an excuse. We want to see a diverse community worship under the submission and lordship of Jesus Christ that would have an impact on all spheres of life in South Africa.

This is just the beginning.