Prayers for the International Intensive

On October 4, approximately 16 church planters and four global trainers will be arriving in New York City for this year's International Intensive. The exact attendees are still being confirmed, but it looks like they'll be coming from 12 different countries. They'll stay here for 2.5 weeks and receive training that is specifically designed to train the participants in the skills needed for planting and sustaining urban churches. They'll build relationships with the other planters and global trainers, and these relationships will prove to be lifelines for them in the hard and often lonely journey of a church planter. 

Here's how you can pray for the upcoming International Intensive:

  • Pray for the 16 church planters and 4 trainers from 12 different countries who are attending the 2.5 week City to City International Intensive.  
  • Pray for their time in the training sessions and for fruitful conversations and discussion for each day’s training.
  • Pray for the speakers, organizers and others who make the International Intensive possible.