Organizational Update

Redeemer City to City (CTC) recently decided to end the employment of David Kim as the Executive Director of the Center for Faith and Work. While we sought to maintain confidentiality in this matter on behalf of all parties, in light of recent developments we feel it is important to share additional information underlying this decision.

On May 15th, Redeemer Human Resources was contacted by an individual who made serious allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct by David approximately 17 years ago, when she was a college student and David was the founding director of a campus ministry at her university. Redeemer Human Resources immediately shared this information with David’s then-employer, CTC.

CTC was dismayed and saddened by these allegations, as they were not a reflection of what was witnessed of David throughout his employment with Redeemer and CTC. However, both CTC and Redeemer take any accusations like this very seriously. Even though this alleged conduct occurred six years before David joined Redeemer in 2007, CTC believed it was their responsibility to understand the allegations, and took immediate action to do so.

After gathering additional information, CTC leadership and Redeemer Human Resources met with David to make him aware of the allegations and inform him that he was being placed on a leave of absence until the appropriate course of action was determined. During this conversation, David was forthcoming and, while he disputed several specific claims, did admit to having inappropriately crossed boundaries with the college student while he was in a position of ministerial leadership.

Over the next nineteen days, CTC and Redeemer HR continued to examine various aspects of the allegations and obtained additional third-party information that corroborated David’s acknowledgment of inappropriately crossing boundaries with the student.

After much discussion and prayerful consideration, CTC’s CEO, with the support and unanimous agreement of the CTC Board, which includes three Redeemer elders and founding pastor, agreed upon separation. After CTC apprised Redeemer staff leadership of the details of their conclusions, it was supported by Redeemer’s three senior pastors, executive pastors, chief financial officer and HR director. The Board of Trustees was apprised of this deeply difficult decision.  

While this was the first and only allegation of improper behavior or conduct of this kind that has ever been brought to our attention regarding David, we have nevertheless launched an investigation, led by an independent outside firm, to determine whether or not any instance of similar behavior has occurred during his affiliation with Redeemer and CTC. We will share those findings at the conclusion of the investigation. 

Redeemer and CTC have established rigorous policies and procedures regarding the personal conduct of our leaders and staff. We abide by a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to workplace harassment or misconduct, and we are regularly reviewing and enhancing those policies and procedures with a bias towards action, should any allegations against any member of staff (including, but not limited to, Redeemer employees, leadership, pastors, administration, and Board members) come to light.

While recognizing the challenging and complex nature of reporting sexual misconduct, should you experience, know of, or become aware of any incidents of personal or professional misconduct, please contact Kelsie Kim, Redeemer’s head of HR, at

We would humbly ask you to pray for all those involved. Our deep desire is to seek a responsible and compassionate path forward of truth and love.