Please Pray for CTC in Korea

March 4 - 8, City to City Korea is hosting its second Center Church Conference. This year, Tim Keller will be the keynote speaker. It’s a conference for ministry leaders on gospel, city and movement, but the first evening is open to the public, with over 2,000 already registered to attend. 

Your prayers would help tremendously. 

Please pray:

  • for Tim Keller and other speakers to communicate the gospel to bring about concrete changes in Korea.
  • for the CTC Korea board members and leaders. Pray for unwavering passion for the gospel movement in Korea and their churches to support their work.
  • for healing and redeeming power of the gospel among young people of Korea. There are many who are uncertain of their future because of economic and political instability.
  • for those who left the church because of their disappointment with the current situation with many megachurches. Pray for them to come to the conference and begin the conversation about the attraction and power of the gospel.
  • for the pastors of Korea. Pray for renewed love for and joy in the gospel. Please pray that this conference can renew their confidence in the gospel to be bold and confident in the Lord.