Pray for those working in ministry

On April 12-13, the Center for Faith & Work hosted a conference in NYC. Included in the conference were prayers for people working in specific professions. Below is the prayer written for those working in ministry. Please take some time this month to pray through this with our planters, pastors, and staff in mind. 

Wonderful Heavenly Father,

You are sovereign and reign over all. Nations and rulers rise and fall, but you and your kingdom have no end.

Thank you for the diversity of the nations, cities and peoples around the world. We praise you for how you’ve created them in distinct ways to reveal yourself and your glory as only they can. Help us to delight in our differences and understand that you are always at work and see beyond country, color and creed.

We thank you for how you’ve called men and women around the world to be your mouthpieces. Thank you for giving them hearts to shepherd and lead, and a passion for preaching the good news of the gospel to both the lost and found. Help them stay tethered to you. Help them stay steadfast in the midst of discouragement or setbacks. Show them your radiant glory in the midst of the darkness that often surrounds them in the cities around the world.

We praise you that you have raised up and equipped so many ministries to support pastors and teachers as they endeavor to live out their calling. We recognize that Satan will do anything to stop the spreading of the gospel, and will go to any length to destroy ministries that are doing your work. Put a hedge around these ministries, Father. Protect their leaders, staff, and families, and help them stay true to their missions. Help them serve humbly and empowered by the Holy Spirit. May they not lean on their own expertise, knowledge or experience, but lean into you and the plans you have to use them for your kingdom. Make the gospel and your mercies new and real to them every morning so they are able to practice what they preach and teach.

We know that in our hearts we can plan our way, but you are the one who establishes our steps. Draw those of us in ministry close to you, Lord, so that we are able to follow in your footsteps as you direct us and our work. May we have not only a global perspective, but an eternal one. Remind us that we are but instruments in your hands and that you and you alone have prepared the work you have called us to do so that you and your name may be known and glorified.

We love you, Father, and give our lives to you to be used as you see fit. We are not our own and lay down our lives so that the world may come to know you. May the earth be filled with the knowledge of your glory as the water covers the sea.

In Christ Jesus’ name we pray.