The Idols of Neutrality and Efficiency

Perhaps when you think of Basel, or Switzerland as a whole, you think of political neutrality. Many peace negotiations are conducted in Switzerland. This neutral mentality influences people's views on the church. Baselers won't argue with Leo about faith, but if it's not meaningful for them, they also won't care. They are open to talking about spirituality, but neutral about its implications in their lives. 

You might also think of efficiency. The public transportation system is one of the best in the world. It represents how Baselers enjoy being efficient. They like to feel on time and in control of their lives. 

While there is nothing inherently bad about these mindsets, they have become idols in Basel, with pride at the root. The gospel frees Baselers to relax, let go, and give authority to God. As FokusBasel prepares to launch services in a couple weeks, pray that this message will take root in people's lives, that they will find meaning and freedom in Christ.

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