Bangkok: What I Learned at the International Intensive

Bangkok: What I Learned at the International Intensive

Is our church motivated at its core to be a voice for and helper of the marginalized, homeless, oppressed and powerless? Discussing this topic with our trainer made me realize how little I have considered the complexities my church will face in the city. Yet the gospel compels the church, compels me, to find ways to love, serve and befriend those with lesser opportunities.

Asia Pacific Intensive Goes Local

In late April, 13 church planters participated in the International Church Planting Intensive in Singapore and Hong Kong. This group reflected the widest array of cities and cultures of Asia Pacific's five Intensives to date with church planters from Bangalore, Bangkok, Canberra, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Phnom Penh, Seoul, Singapore, and Tokyo.

This year we made several key changes to the Intensive. We condensed it from four weeks to seventeen days, visiting two cities rather than three. More importantly, we empowered local leaders to teach the Intensive, rather than bringing all the main trainers from the US. These local leaders have been through our training and shadowed past trainers.

We certainly felt your prayers and support throughout this Intensive as we encountered many hurdles, including multiple staff members getting sick and some visa issues with a participant. Still, God was faithful and created time for rest and help to clear up the visa troubles. With the training of local leadership and the diverse group attending the Intensive, we were reminded of all God is doing in Asia and are thankful for the strong support that each of you provide through your giving, prayer and friendship.


City to City Asia's First International Intensive

Our first Church Planter Intensive held in Asia ended on July 25. Jay Kyle is the Director of Asia for Redeemer City to City.

Hong Kong is known as a one of the world’s most iconic cities, often mentioned in the same breath as New York, London and Tokyo. It is a world power in financial markets and world-class architects love to study its new skyscrapers. But dim sum and church planting were on my mind as Maureen and I landed at the Hong Kong International Airport on June 26, 2012.

The International Intensive: Class of 2011

Every September, CTC welcomes about a dozen church planters from different global cities to New York for our annual International Intensive. This four-week program is a time for church planters who are getting ready to launch to spend some time away from their ministries and cities and reflect together on how to approach them in a gospel-centered way.  They also build relationships with each other for support, friendship and accountability.