A new church in Brussels

Brussels is both one of the most influential cities in the world and one of the places with the fewest witnesses of Jesus Christ. Matthieu and Olivier are part of a very small number of Belgian Christians, and have been called to proclaim the gospel in Brussels. Their goal is to plant a new church in the center of the city and to work hand in hand with existing churches in order to ignite a movement of the gospel in Brussels through church planting and church renewal.

More about Église Protestante de la Cambre

  • Église Protestante de la Cambre meets in Ixelles, the heart of intellectual, cultural and political life in the city. At the center of Ixelles is Place Flagey, where wealthy families, entrepreneurs, university students, and the poor intersect daily. 

  • The church began as a core group gathering in February 2013. Before starting this church plant, Matthieu and Olivier worked together for 10 years as leaders of a large French-speaking inter-church youth group in Brussels.

  • Brussels ("home in the marsh") was officially founded in 979, though its origins go back to the 300's. It is now the de facto capital of the European Union. 

  • 25% of the population of Brussels is Muslim background. 


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Blogs about Brussels

Fresh Opportunity in Brussels

Matthieu Klass loves Brussels, Belgium. In February 2013, he and his wife Christella planted Église Protestante de la Cambre. The church meets in Ixelles, the heart of intellectual, cultural and political life in Brussels.

Missional Communities in Brussels, Belgium

Église Protestante de la Cambre is exploring the ministry model where the center of gravity is missional communities rather than worship services.

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