We don’t need another “do ministry like my church does ministry” book. Nor do we need another book that critiques other church models. We need a book that helps us think critically and biblically as we structure our churches. Center Church is packed with Tim Keller’s experience, humility, and wisdom. This book will help you if you are serious about seeing your city transformed by the gospel of grace.

- Darrin Patrick, lead pastor, The Journey, St. Louis, Missouri


Center Church is not only a doctrinally rigorous and socially perceptive explanation of a sustained and remarkable work of God in Manhattan but also a hugely important, original, and timely call to mission that is appropriately con- textualized for contemporary urban culture. We need to carefully learn from these principles if we are to reach our cities for Christ.

- Richard Coekin, director, Co-Mission church planting network, London, England


Tim Keller has given us the must-read book on gospel-shaped ministry. Robustly theological and profoundly practi- cal, it is a top-to-bottom survey of gospel implications for the life and ministry of the church. The gap between biblical and practical theology is masterfully bridged. Having worked with Tim and Redeemer City to City, I have benefited from the content of this book and can also attest to its profound influence on ministers and churches throughout
the world. This is not simply curriculum content; it is exactly the kind of life-giving, generative gospel theology our churches need. No thoughtful Christian’s bookshelf should be without it.

- Stephen T. Um, senior minister, Citylife Presbyterian Church, Boston, Massachusetts