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Chris strajnic - stockholm, sweden

My parents emigrated to Sweden after persecution in (Serbia) Yugoslavia in the 60ies.  I was born in South Sweden and raised there. I had the the privilege to a grow up in a pioneering work that was in the first immigrant church in Sweden. The Christian impact my parents made on to me as Christians is still playing a very important role in my life. In my early teens, I decided that I wanted to be a missionary and go to the country that persecuted my parents. At that time my father passed away which just made my determination for mission stronger. In 1993 I met my wife, Lotta, we got married and as she was also burning for mission we decided to prepare us for a mission period. We studied theology in the US, North Central University (through a Swedish exchange programme) and both of us finished our studies (BA in Contextualisation of the Gospel) in Serbia. Shortly after we arrived to the mission field in Serbia we started a training trainer programme (Project Timothy) with another missionary couple from UK. Project Timothy was all about training in personal evangelism, discipleship, expository preaching and church planting. After training leaders for 13 years in Serbia we decided it was time to return to Sweden. Here we are now, leading a church plant “Emmaus church” in Stockholm with a vision to plant more churches in Sweden. Besides our work with Emmaus Church, our plan is to provide a training programme in evangelism and discipleship and to run a training seminar in expository preaching that we hope will empower the Swedish Church to stand up for Christ and live out the gospel in the 21st century.