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I went to one of the best universities in Chile to study law, just to feed my pride and ego. I met the Lord in an Anglican´s youth retreat, invited by an aunt in 2004 during my third year of my studies. When I discovered what Jesus did for me on the cross my life change forever.
In 2007 I said a prayer that changed my professional life. I told the Lord: “please show me what do you want for me in the future”. God answered that prayer two weeks after. He called me to do religion classes in a secular school. Then I realized I wanted to teach others his words all my life and I teached for 5 years. I left the school to study at the Anglican seminary. Since 2013 I have worked as a pastor in the Providencia Anglican Church and I was ordained pastor last year. I am also the director of a foundation called “Acceso Directo” ( that serves the Latin Church, giving them free access to biblical resources. 
I've been married with Paula for 6 years. I met her at the church 10 years ago. We have two kids, Martina (4 years old) and Matias (2 years old). We work now in the “Providencia Church” and dream, pray and work for an early plantation in a neighborhood of our city called “La Dehesa”.
I am very happy and grateful for the opportunity to be part of this intensive and learn more about the Lord through His word and through the lives of each of you, and encourage our church in Chile to serve with greater passion the Lord and planting new churches.