Redeemer City to City helps build gospel movements in New York and other global cities. Through City Lab, we provide ongoing ministry training and community building among urban ministers.

Ruben Soto, New York City Senior Program Manager
Denine Carter, City Lab Coordinator

2017-2018 Faith and Work: From Vision to Implementation

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Interested in mobilizing your congregants to serve their workplaces with the fullness of the gospel? We're excited to partner with the Center for Faith & Work to deliver next year's five-part training series, "Faith & Work: From Vision to Implementation." These sessions are designed to equip pastors and key leaders from their congregations with the framework and tools necessary to create a faith and work movement that weaves together robust theology and spiritual formation in community.

September 14, 2017
November 9, 2017
February 8, 2018
March 22, 2018
May 17, 2018
Commitment to all five sessions required.

150 West 83rd Street between Amsterdam & Columbus, 5th Floor
Thursday afternoons, 2-5pm

Online registration begins May 11 at


Session Videos

2016-2017: making disciples in the city


2015-2016: The Personal Life of the Leader

2014-2015: Gospel Preaching

2013-2014: Evangelism and Mission



From Gospel Preaching, 2014-2015:

"City Lab has directly improved my preaching this year and I know my congregation has noticed. I know the fruit will be harvested for years."
"This has completely changed my approach to preaching. From moralism to gospel. From mind to heart."
"City Lab helps me take my theology into my practice. It renews my spirit while firing my imagination for how the Spirit might use me for the glory of Christ here in the city."
"These events help us to be more balanced in how we do church by interacting with other churches."
"I met a ton of new people. Very grateful for those fellow pastors. I attended alone a few times, but never left alone."


From Evangelism & Mission, 2013-2014:

"It is very important to know that others in our city are facing the same situations and have some answers which can help us."
"I love learning from practitioners and connecting with like-minded folks."
"It has made me more reflective about how to speak to people who have no Christian background."
"City Lab has been an incredible diagnostic tool that has shown us where we can improve."

From Center Church series, 2012-2013:

"This has been like a seminary class - a great growing experience to share with staff and other pastors." 
"This discussion of the [different] models has made me much more respectful of what other churches may be trying to do and therefore more open to dialogue with them and learn from them."
"Am pleasantly surprised with the diversity of the group (attendees) and speakers. Coming together of those from many different economic, theological, ethnic groups to share with each other and learn from each other. As well as provide tools and resources for those that may not usually have access to them."
"It's great to benefit from Tim Keller's teachings and other church leaders I wouldn't otherwise be exposed to."
"Gets me thinking big - so needed."