What is the City ministry program?

CMP is a training program to develop ministry leaders seeking practical urban ministry skills. Experienced urban ministry practitioners, including Tim Keller, deliver the program through a robust learning community.

CMP helps leaders develop in four areas essential for ministry fruitfulness:

  • Preaching

  • Mission

  • Pastoral Ministry

  • Leadership

The goal is to prepare leaders for urban ministry effectiveness rather than just academic knowledge. To enable this dynamic the learning experience and activities will not be traditional papers but will include reflection on mission experience, development of actual ministry products such as Bible expositions and sermons, ministry tools and plans, pastoral care notebooks, case studies, and so on.  

Upon completion participants receive a certification of completion by Redeemer City to City.


Why participate in the program?

  • The program is designed for those serving in a challenging assignment that requires the development of more skills, character and encouragement from seasoned urban practitioners.

  • The unique context of New York City with its diversity and complexity requires deeper learning, skill development and breadth of appeal in your ministry to reach your community.

  • Your training in seminary was not sufficient preparation to develop urban ministry skills. This program covers more extensively these ministry skills and also covers areas often not addressed – helping people integrate their faith & work, preaching persuasively in late modern culture, developing mercy & justice approaches for your community, etc.


What are the requirements?

  • Completed application

  • Serve at least 15 hours a week in a ministry role (paid or unpaid) that provides pastoral/ministry supervision and/or mentorship

  • Called to serve the movement of gospel ministry in NYC


What are the MINISTRY AREAS offered?

We help leaders develop in four areas of urban ministry—participants may study only one selected area over one or two semesters or complete all four areas in one to three years.


  • Preaching

    Preaching teaches how to present Christ persuasively that is faithful to the scriptures and compelling to the context. The modules draw on the vast historic and current resources of faithful biblical exposition, and builds skills in communicating Christ to complex, culturally varied, contemporary urban cultures. Emphasis is given to the skills of gospel-centered preaching, avoiding mere moralism or therapeutic inspiration. Participants preach several sermons that include feedback and coaching.

    Requires Center Church Intensive (see below)

    Modules: Preaching Christ, Preaching to the Culture, Preaching to the Heart, Exposition


    • Tim Keller

    • Vaughan Roberts: Rector, St Ebbe's Church, Oxford

    • Charlie Drew: Founder and Pastor emeritus, Emmanuel Presbyterian Church

    • Sam Allberry: Speaker and Apologist with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries


  • Mission

    Mission is for leaders seeking to produce communities of practical gospel impact and covers how to do evangelism and apologetics in late modern culture. Effective urban leaders must intentionally engage with the poor and vulnerable, the skeptic and seeker, and those working in various vocations. This track provides not only strong theological convictions and ministry approaches for engagement in these areas, but the practical tools to lead church ministries.

    Requires Urban Ministry Intensive (see below)

    Modules: Justice & Mercy, Evangelism, Apologetics, Faith & Work


    • Tim Keller

    • Robert Guerrero: Vice President, NYC, Redeemer City to City


  • pastoral ministry

    Pastoral ministry builds the pastor’s toolkit, and prepares them to be the spiritual shepherds of their church. Skills taught include depth in the use of scripture for everyday ministry, strategy in designing pastoral care systems for a church, gospel spirituality, pastoral ethics, and the pastor’s spiritual life. Topics include the biblical foundations for worship in its design, creativity and cultural practice in a community. Students will learn counseling skills such as interviewing, listening, and assessing opportunities for Christ-centered guidance. Attention is given to leading congregants through crisis, grief, addiction, and other significant life events.

    Requires Church & Ministry Intensive (see below)

    Modules: Pastoral Theology & Ministry, Gospel Spirituality, Pastoral Counseling, Church Worship


    • Tim Keller

    • Judy Cha: Director of Counseling, Redeemer Counseling Services

    • Other experienced counselors from Redeemer Counseling Services

    • Charlie Drew

    • John Thomas: Senior Director of Training, Redeemer City to City

    • Abe Cho: Senior Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church East Side


  • Leadership - Launching fall 2019

    Leadership develops the skills necessary to shepherd the church as a maturing community and organization. The sessions seek to develop spiritual leaders that serve congregations on mission. Attention is given to biblical principles of strategic planning, setting goals, budgeting and financial ethics, building programs and evaluating ministry. Management style and gifting are explored as well.

    Modules: Catalyzing Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Managing, Finances

    Faculty: TBD


What are the program fees? *

$2,000 per ministry area ($1,000 per semester) includes one required foundation course

If taking all 4 ministry areas, the full program cost is $8,000.

Financial need-based scholarships are available. If interested in a scholarship a completed scholarship application is required.

* books not included in program fees


What is the time commitment?

Each ministry area requires three hours a week of classroom learning and four hours of reading and assignments. A total of seven hours per week for each ministry area.


What does the overall schedule look like?

Schedule for (2019-2020)

Early Fall Intensives
August 26-27: Center Church intensive, part 1
September 5-6: Church, Ministry & Culture intensive

Fall Semester 2019
Tuesdays, Sept-Dec: Mission
Wednesdays, Sept-Dec: Preaching and Pastoral Ministry

January 2020
Date TBD: Urban Ministry intensive
January 21, 23, 25: Center Church intensive, part 2

Spring Semester 2020
Tuesdays, Feb-May: Mission
Wednesdays, Feb-May: Preaching and Pastoral Ministry


What are the 3 intensives that are offered?

  • Center Church
    A comprehensive treatment of how the gospel changes a person, church and community drawing upon the book Center Church. What does it mean to be the church today, in the great global cities of the world or wherever late modern western secularity and pluralization are dominant.

  • Church, Ministry & Culture
    How ecclesiology and theology practically effects how we do ministry today. Realities of the church and ministry; perspectives, features, marks of the church and ministry; functions and objects of the church’s ministry; church and models and ministry; church and culture; church and politics.

  • Urban Ministry
    Biblical theology of the city; understanding NYC, understanding, engaging, and empowering a neighborhood; race, gender, and power; developing practices to thrive in ministry, non-western Christianity.

Completion of all intensive courses is required for the full City Ministry Program certificate - Center Church, Church & Ministry and Urban Ministry.


I still have questions. Can I talk with someone from the City to City team about this?

Of course! Send us an email, and we’ll do our best to clear up any lingering questions.