Collins ouma - Nairobi, kenya

I have been serving as a Pastor with the Nairobi Chapel Church for the past six years in the Church Planting ministry that is under our Missions Department. I have had the privilege to serve primarily in the area of recruiting, training, deploying and providing oversight to church plants. Especially churches that we are planting within our country’s urban centres.

We’re passionate about evangelizing our Towns and our country at large. But responsible evangelism leads to discipleship, and discipleship leads to converts gathering . . . the end result of which is a new church. Our vision therefore is to ‘plant churches that plant churches’. The Kingdom of God grows faster through church planting than it does through single site growth.

In our African situation church planting is also strategic because it is a self-sustainable, contextually relevant model for our resource-stressed context. New churches grow rapidly, reach out to new people, self-support, develop leadership and self-perpetuate over time. It is from this background that we initiated a school for Church Planting since 2012, where I have been providing leadership towards the task of preparing those that we are launching into our various communities.