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Eli birnbaum - tel aviv,israel 

My name is Eli Birnbaum. I grew up in Israel in the beach town of Bat Yam. I have lived in Tel Aviv, in the neighborhood of Florentin for the last 8 years. 

I studied economics at Ramat Gan College and have been serving with the organization Jews for Jesus for the last 7 years leading the young adult, youth and children department in Tel Aviv.

 I am married to Shoshana, who is from Mexico City and an industrial designer. We have been working together since she moved to Israel. For the last 6 years we have been leading a discipleship program for young adults that focuses on engaging Israeli Backpackers with the gospel in India and South America. For three years we have been developing a multi purpose venue in our neighborhood with a variety of activities to engage and interact with our community like art galleries, music shows, second hand sales etc. 

 A year ago our son Shalev was born, keeping us on our toes from day one! 

 Apart from this huge team efforts we both have women, soldiers and young adult ministry going on.

 During the past few years I have felt the calling from God to start a church in Tel Aviv as I realized that there is a need for a place where seekers can further their spiritual exploration and at the same time facilitate a space for a Christian Community to thrive.