Faith & Work Symposium: Practical Gospel Application

Many marketplace leaders have a solid theology of work—that our work is for the glory of God—but desire to be more effective in putting this theology to work on a daily basis. Join Tim Keller, Katherine Leary Alsdorf, Jeff Disher, Raymond Harris and Dave Ridley as they share out of their own experience and provide practical examples and stories, affirming that for Christians there really is no such thing as secular work.

Bring a friend or a co-worker, but be sure to RSVP below as space is limited. We hope you will join marketplace leaders from around the city for this special event.



Katherine Leary Alsdorf — City to City’s Global Faith and Work Initiative: The Vision

The leaders and churches in the global City to City (CTC) network have awakened to the need in their churches to equip their people to better live out their faith outside of church – as civic leaders and vocational leaders. CTC’s vision for a gospel movement that renews cities cannot be realized through church planting alone. We need to disciple the people of the church to live out God’s call in their own places of influence.


Tim Keller — How the Gospel Transforms Our Work and Why It Matters Today

Simply put, the gospel, believed in and lived out, transforms everything—including the way we work. Tim will discuss how our Christian faith provides us a stable identity, gives us a concept of the dignity of all work, enables us to give direction and love, inspires us to work for more than just a profit, and instills hope.


Jeff Disher — Faith at Work

For the Christian faith to do effective work in the secular workplace, it must be attractive and welcoming to all (customers, clients, vendors, employees etc.) who hold a variety of belief systems. How do we create that environment? Jeff will tell his company’s story and give practical examples of how to embrace faith at work.


Raymond Harris — An Economic Engine / Created for Stewardship

Every field of work is full of challenges. You may ask, “Why am I doing this?” But what if God is building an economic engine through you? Could God be using you to work in his kingdom? I believe we are conduits and stewards using successful businesses and careers to take care of his kingdom. We can learn to reorder our lives so we hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant” when we stand to give an accounting of our faithful stewardship.


Dave Ridley — Love: More Powerful than Fear

While reading a Bible, wearing a cross, organizing volunteer outings and looking for opportunities to share the gospel at work are often effective, there’s another way to intersect our faith and our work. Dave will share how he learned to love (live out his faith) at work in a far richer, deeper way than he ever thought possible while working in Southwest Airlines’ secular, corporate environment.


Kevin Pinner, Symposium Facilitator



98 Fulton ST E
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

September 20, 2019
Time: 8:00 - 10:00Am

doors open at 7:30

RSVP BY September 6



Tim and Kathy Keller moved to NYC in 1989 to start a church. New Yorkers responded positively, and other leaders in other cities noticed. They asked for help.


City to City was born because ministry leaders needed help to reach the most influential places on earth—cities. Churches in cities are under-resourced and too few while cities are exploding in growth.

Why we exist

City to City exists to help leaders start and strengthen churches to advance the gospel in cities.

How we meet the need

We help churches focus on how the good news of Jesus Christ creates personal and social change. We equip them to address the specific questions of the time and neighborhood, collaborate for the good of the city, and multiply.

How we measure impact

If resourced and trained leaders start churches and churches work together, lives and cities will change through the Holy Spirit. We’ll know it’s working through stories of change and through the number of churches started and churches involved.


You’re invited to join this work. See it up close. Pray for millions of new and strong churches in cities. Give to this work. And invite others to do the same.