A one-year training program for future NYC church planters






We train leaders worldwide to build gospel movements in their cities—including right here in NYC. NYC is a uniquely challenging place for churches, and church planters need specialized training to build gospel-centered community here. 


The Training


A full-time one-year program in NYC, the Fellows Program gives potential church planters training with seasoned practitioners and a realistic experience of life and ministry in the city. Fellows gain exposure to urban ministry experiences such as small group leadership, mercy ministry, teaching, evangelism, and faith and work integration. The program is designed for planters who are one to two years away from officially launching a church.


This broad but personalized approach is designed to provide appropriate development opportunities for each Fellow in any of the following areas:




Field Ministry

Fellows spend 30-50 hours per week in a field ministry assignment under the supervision of a NYC pastor. (Exceptions can be made for bi-vocational Fellows.) This immersive assignment allows Fellows to learn about church planting firsthand, process individual learning with a church leadership team, and experience the gospel at work in the context of church community.


Weekly Sessions

The Fellows cadre meets weekly from September to June (excepting holidays). These sessions require preparatory reading and usually last 1.5-3 hours. Sessions include urban ministry seminars with Tim Keller, discussions on the book Center Church, and time with Program Directors Mark Reynolds and Robert Guerrero to review case studies and process critical church planting concepts


Practical Equipping

Fellows visit at least three church plants, receive individualized coaching on preaching, and develop presentations for meetings with potential donors and core team members to prepare them in practical, actionable ways for planting their own church


The Details


Approximately 6-8 Fellows are selected for each cadre. A seminary degree is not required. However, Fellows must either be ordained or on an ordination track. Ideally, Fellows are also affiliated with a church planting network, denomination, and/or an existing church in New York City.

Candidates should demonstrate:

  • A strong sense of calling to church planting in NYC
  • Proven character and integrity
  • Ministry experience


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