A new church in Frankfurt

Nordstern Kirche is a new church in Frankfurt. Their vision is that the people of Frankfurt would grow—through the gospel—in their love for Jesus and their neighbors in the city. They pray that this would happen for the glory of God, the happiness of the people, and the good of the city. 

More about Nordstern Kirche

  • The North Star—which is translated in German as Nordstern—has always been a point of orientation for travelers. Because the North Star is one of the brightest fixed stars in the sky, travelers can always orient the direction of their path by looking to it. Nordstern wants to be the same type of orientation for people on their faith journey: a landmark.

  • Upon further research when naming the church, Stephan discovered that the North Star is actually a collection of three stars clumped together to form a trinity. This was "an added blessing" for him as he selected the name Nordstern.

  • Nordstern began meeting with a small core group at a local coffee shop in 2010, and they began hosting regular services in 2013.

  • Frankfurt, although a powerful economic city, is rather small with a population of only 700,000.

  • The first stock exchange took place in Frankfurt in 1100.


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