When do I come? When do I go?

Housing begins: Friday, October 14 at 5pm you cannot move into your apartment before this time
Housing ends: Saturday, November 11 at 12pm you must be vacated from your apartment by noon

I'm at my airport. Now what?

There are 3 New York City airports you can fly into and out from:

Newark International
JFK International
LaGuardia International Airport

The best transportation from the airport to your housing will be by taxi cab, chauffeured car (which will cost about $100) or shuttle service.

If you have an Uber account, you can also use Uber and request a car once you land in New York City.

If arriving to JFK International, you can take the subway into the city. Please see this website for more information and current prices


I'm in NYC. Now what?

Redeemer City to City will cover the costs of your subway transportation (only you, the planter) during the Intensive. Make sure you buy ground transportation only up to Orientation on October 15th. Your transportation cards will be given to you during the Welcome Orientation.

For more information about public transportation - Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) - please see the official website.

Who will feed me?

We provide a few lunches during training sessions. On average, you can expect to spend about $30 per day / per adult on meals in New York. You can lower this cost if you buy groceries and prepare your own food.

Who can attend training sessions?

Spouses are welcome at all training sessions. Infants and children are not permitted in the training sessions.

what to wear?

You will be in New York during fall. It's a lovely time of year. Bring cool weather clothes such as jackets, sweaters and long pants /jeans. Visit this site for more detailed information about New York City weather.


What if I have more questions?

Please contact Meredith Denton - Intensive Project Manager - with any additional questions you may have. 

 You'll meet all City to City staff at the Orientation on Saturday, October 15, 2016.