There are two pre-reads for the Intensive: Preaching in a Secular Culture (click and download) and Center Church by Tim Keller.

Please buy and start reading Center Church and bring your copy to New York with you. Try buying at these outlets:

Christian Book
Book Depository (usually ships anywhere)

If Center Church is not available in your region, let Clara know.

In addition to Center Church by Tim Keller, the Intensive also involves other reading material. You can find these readings in PDF format below, organized by topic. These readings are required for specific learning sessions that are still being scheduled.

You will receive hard copies of these at Orientation on September 6. For now please download and read ahead as much as you are able.

The readings below are copyrighted by Redeemer City to City and cannot be distributed nor shared. These links are for Intensive participants only.

Gospel Renewal

Adoption & Sonship
Idols of the Heart
Ministry and Character
Gospel Spirituality
The Balanced Pastoral Life

Church Planting

Essentials of a Call to Church Planting
Researching a Community
Church Planting
10 Most Common Mistakes in Church Planting
Recruiting and Training a Launch Team
Launch Indicators
Back to the Old Ways
Corporate Renewal Dynamics
The Steward Leader and Multiplication            
uilding Christians into Servant Leaders

Integrative Ministry

Preaching in a Secular Culture (see above)
Christ-Centered Preaching
Principles of Application
Justice and Compassion within a Kingdom
Preaching the Gospel to the Heart
Gospel Preaching
The Importance of an Evangelistic Dynamic
Linking Strategies
Evangelistic Worship
Exilic Discipleship

Ministry Design

Introduction to Ministry Design
Ministry Design: Philosophy of Ministry 
Writing an Action Plan
Sample Action Plan
Ministry Styles
Ministry Models


Having Great Conversations
Gospel-Based Discipleship


City Lab: An Evangelistic Dynamic

City Lab: Evangelistic Worship with Tim Keller