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I am a son of the California Bay Area. My story reaches back to my grandparents who were part of the early stages of a developing Bay Area. As a boy I watched my town Cupertino go from cherry orchards to Apple, Inc. Though I grew up in a great church, it was in high school, on a mission trip to Mexico, where the gospel penetrated my heart. After graduating from San Jose State University, in the heart of downtown San Jose, I sensed a call to ministry and left the Bay Area to attend Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

I have spent the last ten years re-booting and serving RUF at the University of California in Santa Barbara. It has been a gritty work in a intellectually pluralistic/secularized generation. The university has proved to be the place God formed in me a love for the irreligious and skeptic. RUF on the university was the perfect laboratory for me to test ministry approaches towards gospel ministry.

In this same spirit gospel flexibility, I have taken a call to be a church planter in the most urban area of San Jose. God has led me back home. In the years I’ve been gone, my hometown has changed tremendously. The Silicon Valley is wildly unchurched and draws people from around the globe to its utopian hopes and promise of limitlessness. I have changed a lot, too. I am going home with a more expansive expectation of God. We long to see both the broken and beautiful corners of San Jose feel the re-creative work of the gospel. Christi and I live in San Jose with our 5 year old son, 4 year old son, and newborn twins (a boy and a girl).