leonidas Roumpas - athens, greece

I am from Corfu an island of Greece, and I have been married for one and half year to Sarah, who is from Chicago.

I grew up in a typical Christian orthodox family but during my teenage years I became an atheist. When I was 21 I met a couple who talked to me about Christ. After attending their church and seeing their life, and during a time when bad things were happening in my life, the Lord won me. I surrendered fully to Him. From the beginning of my new life with Christ I had a burning desire to preach the gospel to the whole world. Then when I was 25 I attended the Greek Bible College and I was introduced to a whole new world. Studying theology and church history, my eyes were opened to the acts of God through history through so many different individuals, churches and organizations. During my studies I had the opportunity to be involved in preaching ministry and also pastoral ministry with my younger fellow students. Upon the completion of my studies I served as an itinerant preacher for the Greek Presbyterian church of which I am a member. After a year I had the great opportunity to serve in a new church plant, in Agia Paraskevi a neighborhood of Athens, as a pastoral intern. Now a new season begins in which I’ll assume the role of the lead church planter.

I am so happy that God is giving the opportunity at this crucial time for the new church plant and all of the participants, to participate to the Redeemer International intensive training.