Inspire is a diverse gospel community meeting in Old Street that reaches and connects with both the local area and London’s networker population. As people come to know the good news of God’s grace in Jesus Christ, God takes diverse people and unites them together as a new community. London may be a diverse city but people within it are often separated according to background, ethnicity and sub-culture. They seek to be a church that represents the diversity but lives out a deep unity in Christ.

more about old street and inspire london

  • Old Street is in a section of North London where 63% of the population live in government-provided housing and there are 11 council estates.
  • Inspire London was planted out of All Souls, Langham Place in London.
  • The name "Inspire" partially originates from the 2012 Olympic slogan "Inspire a Generation." 
  • Pete and Mark have known each other since they were 13 years old and are now brothers-in-law as well as co-planters of Inspire.

Blogs about london

People on the Street

We stopped several people on a London sidewalk and asked them a series of questions: what comes to mind when you think of Jesus? What does church mean to you? Do you think London needs new churches? Would you attend a new church if you found out about it?

Hoping to Inspire London with the Gospel

A friend of ours from Uganda came to London recently. It was his first time. When he heard that the city's population was a little more than 8 million people, he exclaimed, “Eight million people all living in one place, London must be so friendly!”

When he accidentally stood on the left, rather than the right, of the escalator on the Underground, he soon discovered otherwise. 

Old Street's Two Groups

London is economically one of the most unequal cities on the planet. Old Street, where Inspire has been planted, represents this dichotomy more than most neighborhoods. The majority of residents live in government-funded housing, living on welfare, while the rest are social and economic climbers who come to London to be successful in the finance or technology industries. Rarely do these classes interact with each other.

Who attends Inspire London?

Inspire meets at the Thistle Hotel Barbican in the Old Street area of London. Although church doesn't start until 4pm, people gather well ahead of time to enjoy cookies (or biscuits, as the Brits call them), fruit, coffee, and other delights. There are 10-15 visitors per week.